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Good Shepherd Seminar Audio Library

Each year, the Elders of Saint Athanasius invite one of the professors from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN to spend a weekend with us to present a seminar for the congregation on the first Saturday in May, and then to teach our adult Bible Class and preach that Sunday. We have had a number of wondeful speakers and seminars, and include the audio recordings for you here for your listening edification.

Click on the year you are interested in listening to for access to those files.

2024 - Rev. Dr. Jon Bruss - Teaching Our Children: the Wittenberg Way

- Rev. Dr. Adam Koontz - The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Christian

- Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Pulse - The Presence of God in the Old Testament and Its Influence
                                                       on the Divine Service and Life of the Church

- Rev. Dr. William Weinrich - The Gospel of John

- Rev. John Dreyer: Demonology - Jesus as Exorcist

- Dr. Peter Scaer: Christians Living in the World and Church:
                                          Walking the Tightrope or Falling Off?

- Dr. James Bushur: The Church in an Age of Hostility: Comparing
                            and Relating Our Post-Christian Context to the Pre-Christian World

- Dr. Lawrence Rast: The Americanization of the Lutheran Church

2013 - Rev. Richard Resch: Why Lutherans Sing What They Sing

- Dr. Dean Wenthe: The Pastoral Ministry: Shepherds of God's Flock

- Dr. Daniel Gard: Reading the Old Testament Christologically

- Dr. Adam Francisco: Contending for the Faith in the 21st Century

- Rev. John Pless: Pastoral Care and the Sacraments