From Luther . . .

(Luther speaks of Jesus' birth from both an earthly and a heavenly perspective.)

First, see how plainly and simply things happen here on earth, and yet how high they are regarded in heaven. On earth in happens this way: Here is a poor young woman. Mary of Nazareth, regarded as nothing at all and thought of as one of the least citizens of the city. No one is aware of the great miracle she carries; she is silent, keeps her own counsel, and regards herself as the least in the city. She starts out with her husband, Joseph; very likely they had no servant, so he is master and servant, and she is mistress and maid. . . .

But what happens in heaven concerning this birth? As much as it is despised on earth, so much and a thousand times more is it honored in heaven. If an angel from heaven came and praised you and your work, would you not regard it of greater value than all the praise and honor the world could give you . . . ? What kind of honor is it when all the angels in heaven cannot constrain themselves from breaking out in rejoicing, so that even poor shepherds in the fields hear them preach, praise God, sing, and pour out their joy without measure? . . . See how superabundantly God honors those who are despised by men, and that very gladly.

 [from: "Gospel for Christmas Day (Luke 2:1-14)"
in Luther's Works, Volume 75: Church Postil 1 [© CPH 2013], p. 210-11, 214]

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