March for Life

Friday, January 21st

How about a New Year's resolution to make a difference for life this year? Plan to attend the March for Life in Washington on Friday, January 21st. Take the day off from work and join your fellow Athanasians and thousands of others from around the country to support life. Did you know children are given excused absences from the public schools to attend civic events as well? So bring them, too! The March for Life is a day filled with joy because we are speaking for life, and confessing that no matter what it looks like, how able it is, or how young or old, all are precious in God's sight. Every person is a life for whom Jesus died.

LCMS Life Ministries is requesting that if you plan to attend, that you register with them ahead of time, so they know how many to expect and can contact you via email or text any information or last minute changes you need to know. Go to to register.

If you would like more information or have any questions, speak with Pastor. Hope to see you there!

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