Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
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Divine Service Online Live Stream only Explanation
The Governor of Virginia has issued a directive that limits all public gatherings to less than 10 people. In deference to his office and responsibility for the health and well-being of the citizens of Virginia, the Pastor and Elders have decided to abide by this decision and no longer open our Sunday Divine Service to more than 10 people. The service will be offered online only except for a few essential people who are necessary to prepare the church and provide responses during the service. If you are uncertain if this means you, please contact Pastor before coming to the service. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate all who would like to come at this time.

This was not an easy decision to make and know that we will open our Divine Service back up as soon as possible. We are working on more options for people to attend during Holy Week and on Easter. Stay tuned for those details.
Thank you for your understanding.
We are doing our best during a very difficult time.

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(The live feed will begin approx. 10:05 am for the 10:15 am morning services
and 7:20 pm for our 7:30 pm evening Vespers.)

Tips for Watching Online Services

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Divine Service - Sunday, March 29

FULL Service (long)

If you have a hymnal and need only the details and propers for this service:

Vespers - Wednesday, April 1
(available soon)

FULL Service (long)

If you have a hymnal and need only the details and propers for this service:

Propers (short)

PLEASE . . .
     If you are sick, stay home!
     If you are elderly or have a condition that makes you especially vulnerable to the virus,
           stay home!
     If you just do not feel comfortable coming to the church, stay home!

If you come to church, PLEASE . . .
     Practice social distancing.
     Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.
     Limit what you touch in church.

I also want to share with you a couple of links:

(1.) Remember that most people who get the Coronavirus recover!
       Story from WTOP

(2.) Risk of Infectious Disease Transmission from a Common Communion Cup
      American Journal of Infection Control

(If still you are worried about communion and receiving from the chalice, individual cups are always still available.)

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