Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod
Church Location: 114 Kingsley Road SW, Vienna, VA  22180
Mailing Address: 3057 Nutley Street Suite 822, Fairfax, VA  22031
703-455-4003                       Rev. James Douthwaite, Pastor
Opportunities for Service
The members of Saint Athanasius strive to maintain a balanced life of service to both Church and family. Therefore we encourage everyone to be involved and help where they are able, but at the same time to keep and cherish time at home with their family and friends, and time to rest.

Some opportunities for service to Church and community are:

+ Sanctity of Life activities. These include participating in our local Lutherans for Life chapter, the March for Life, and assisting where able with our local Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

+ The Boards and Committees of our Church, including the Executive Board, the Board of Elders, the Board of Evangelism, and the Pastor's Commission on Mercy.

+ Teaching Sunday School and helping with our Vacation Bible School.

+ From time to time, we have a choir, depending upon the musical abilities of our members. If you can sing, or like to sing, or would like to help lead a choir for us, we would most heartily welcome your skills and enthusiasm!

+ Ushering or helping to play the keyboard (organ) during the Divine Service.

+ We are very active with outreach into the community, including participating at community festivals, welcoming newcomers, hanging door hangers, hanging posters and flyers, special mailings, Christmas caroling, and more.  We also need folks to help us with our new campus ministry at nearby George Mason University, as well as our blossoming Spanish ministry.

+ Banners for the seasons of the Church Year or special holidays are needed.

+ Since we have members that live in all parts of Fairfax County and beyond, times of fellowship and fun are important for us. We are always in need of folks to organize and host these, including game nights, Oktoberfest, and more.

+ We also are in need of beginning a youth program, including groups within our congregation as well as participation with Higher Things Lutheran youth organization and other opportunities to help our young people be involved and stay active.

We also welcome new ideas and thoughts for how we can better serve our members and the community! So if there is something you would like to do, please let us know and we'll see if we can get it going!