Our website is currently in the midst of remodeling and receiving a fresh new look. This is a big task and undertaking! We hope you like it, and that your favorite resources are still easy to find. As we progress, you'll notice that some pages that we haven't gotten to yet still have the old layout and format. We hope to have it all refreshed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience, and let us know what you think!

A note about our home page design . . .

The design of the pictures on the front page are eight pictures encircling Christ crucified. This mirrors the embossed design on the cover of our hymnal and puts Christ crucified at the center of all we do. The number eight is representative of the "eight day," or the first day of the new creation ushered in by the death and resurrection of Jesus - the day of eternity that will never end.

Divine Service 10:15 am          Bible Class and Sunday School 9:00 am