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Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
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Homeschool Chapel
LIVE - Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am
(Except holidays and school breaks)

Why Homeschool Chapel?
(Scroll down for the answer!)

Homeschool Chapel is now on summer break!

Use these summer months to watch videos from the church year again, especially to review your catechism.
These are archived on our YouTube channel.

If you would like to use our prayer guide through the summer, you are invited to use the guide created for congregational use, which is very similar to the student-family guide.
Click here
to go to our church blog to view that each week.

See you in September!

Saint Athanasius at Prayer Daily Guide
for the Week of Pentecost
May 20-25, 2024

Saint Athanasius at Prayer Companion Sheet
(with Apostles' Creed and Prayers)

Hymn for the Week
504 Father, Most Holy

Order of Matins Booklet
(print out two-sided, flip on short edge)
Why Homeschool Chapel?

Many families are turning to Homeschooling as the best option for their children's education. It can be a great alternative! But there are also challenges, one of which can be isolation and creating a religious aspect to your curriculum and working that in.

We decided to help our families by having on online Homeschool Chapel for them. But not only for our families - by live streaming our Chapel, we realized we can be a benefit and a blessing to others as well. So we invite you to join us!

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 on our YouTube channel. The information you will need is included for you on this web page - simply download and print it out. Our format is that we pray one of the classical Prayer Offices of the Church called "Matins," for "morning." On Tuesday the focus is on part of the Catechism, or the teachings of the faith, and on Thursday the focus is on one of the Scriptures that will be read that coming Sunday. We have a Psalm and a hymn appointed each week, as well as "learn by heart" Scripture verses and parts of the Catechism.

Why not check it out? You can join us live, or you can watch the recordings that are on our YouTube channel. We would love to have you be a regular with us! And let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help any way we can.

God's richest blessings to you!