Easter Sermons
April 8 (Easter Vigil) - "Our Hope and Joy This Night" [PDF]
April 9 (The Resurrection of Our Lord) - "Our Faithful and Living Bridegroom" [PDF] [Listen]
April 16 (Easter 2) - "The Confidence to Go On" [PDF] [Listen]
April 23 (Easter 3) - "A Firm Foundation" [PDF] [Listen]
April 30 (Easter 4) - "The Door of the Sheep" [PDF] [Listen]
May 14 (Easter 6) - "The Power and Victory of the Empty Tomb" [PDF] [Listen]
May 17 (The Ascension of Our Lord) - "Promises! Promises!" [PDF] [Listen]
May 21 (Easter 7) - "What I Know I Should, He Did!" [PDF] [Listen]

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