Lenten Sermons

February 14 (Ash Wednesday) - "Dying Christians or Dying Christians?" [PDF] [Listen]
February 18 (Lent 1) - "Our Isaac" [PDF] [Listen]
February 25 (Lent 2) - "The Lot, not the Little" [PDF] [Listen]
March 3 (Lent 3) - "Zeal for You Consumes Him" [PDF] [Listen]
March 10 (Lent 4) - "Merciful Serpents?" [PDF] [Listen]
March 17 (Lent 5) - "Promise Fulfilled" [PDF] [Listen]
March 24 (Palm Sunday / Sunday of the Passion) - "This Man" [PDF] [Listen]
March 25 (Holy Monday) - Holy Monday Meditation [PDF] [no audio]
March 26 (Holy Tuesday) - Holy Tuesday Meditation [PDF] [Listen]
March 27 (Holy Wednesday) - Holy Wednesday Meditation [PDF] [Listen]
March 28 (Holy Maundy Thursday) - "It's All About the Lamb" [PDF] [Listen]
March 29 (Holy Good Friday) - "The Wisdom of God" [PDF] [Listen]

Midweek Series: 40 for Life
February 21 - Noah: Cleansing for Life [PDF] [Listen] [Special Hymn]
February 28 - Moses: God's Presence for Life [PDF] [Listen] [Special Hymn]
March 6 - Israel: God's Discipline for Life [PDF] [Listen] [Special Hymn]
March 13 - Jonah: Repentance for Life [PDF] [Listen] [Special Hymn]
March 20 - Elijah: Food for Life [PDF] [Listen] [Special Hymn]

February 22 (Ash Wednesday) - "Repent. Receive. Rejoice!" [PDF] [Listen]
March 5 (Lent 2) - "Unmasking Jesus" [PDF] [Listen]
March 12 (Lent 3) - "A Good and Faithful Bridegroom" [PDF] [Listen]
March 19 (Lent 4) - "Who Is Really Blind?" [PDF] [Listen]
March 26 (Lent 5) - "Lenten Hope" [PDF] [Listen]
April 2 (Palm Sunday / Sunday of the Passion) - "Fear not" [PDF] [Listen]
April 3 (Holy Monday) - Holy Monday Meditation [PDF]
April 4 (Holy Tuesday) - Holy Tuesday Meditation [PDF] [Listen]
April 5 (Holy Wednesday) - Holy Wednesday Meditation [PDF] [Listen]
April 6 (Holy Maundy Thursday) - "A Bloody Place for Bloody Christians" [PDF] [Listen]
April 7 (Holy Good Friday) - "Finally!" [ PDF] [Listen]

Midweek Series: The Passion of Our Lord
March 1 - What Will You Give Me? [PDF] [Listen]
March 8 - One Man. Alone. [PDF] [Listen]
March 15 - Truth and Consequences [PDF] [Listen]
March 22 - Clash of Kingdoms [PDF] [Listen]
March 29 - Crosswords [PDF] [Listen]

March 2 (Ash Wednesday) - "I Almost Got Away with It" [PDF] [Listen]
March 6 (Lent 1) - "Undefeated No More" [PDF] [Listen]
March 13 (Lent 2) - "The Doctor Is In" [PDF] [Listen]
March 20 (Lent 3) - "A Strongly Weak Life" [PDF] [Listen]
March 27 (Lent 4) - "A Faithful Father's Forgiveness" [PDF] [Listen]
April 3 (Lent 5) - "Learning to Think Upside Down" [PDF] [Listen]
April 10 (Palm Sunday / Sunday of the Passion) - "Hands of Power" [PDF] [Listen]
April 11 (Holy Monday) - "Our Faithful Lord and Saviour" [PDF] [No audio]
April 12 (Holy Tuesday) - "Some Messiah!" [PDF] [Listen]
April 13 (Holy Wednesday) - "A Bloody Affair" [PDF] [Listen]
April 14 (Holy Maundy Thursday) - "Everything Old Is New Again" [PDF] [Listen]
April 15 (Holy Good Friday) - "When Push Comes to Shove, God Is Love" [PDF] [Listen]

Midweek Series: Our Ordinary Lenten Exodus
(These services will combine the story of God's rescue of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt, with Jesus' rescue of us from our slavery to sin and death, and how that great rescue is presented to us in the "ordinaries" of the liturgy.)
March 9 - The Kyrie: Lord, Have Mercy! [PDF] [Listen]
March 16 - The Gloria: A Hymn of Praise [PDF] [Listen]
March 23 - The Creed: Who God Is [PDF] [Listen]
March 30 - The Sanctus: In the Presence of God [PDF] [Listen]
April 6 - The Agnus Dei: The Passover Lamb  [PDF] [Listen]

Divine Service 10:15 am          Bible Class and Sunday School 9:00 am