Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
Putting Others FIRST
the LAST Monday Each Month

Malek's Pizza Palace and Saint Athanasius have joined together to help people in need.

On the LAST Monday of each month, 25% of all sales generated that day at Malek's (dine in, take out, or delivery) will be donated to a good cause, to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Click here
for a list of charities and causes donated to . . . and now our total given is
over $105,000!

This Month (June): FACETS
                [Helping parents, their children, and individuals who suffer the effects of poverty in the
                Fairfax, VA area.]

Our causes/charities for April 2021 - August 2021:
[Subject to change should disasters or other mitigating factors come to our attention.]

     April: ECHO [Ecumenical Community Helping Others] - $987
                [Providing food and financial help to people with short-term emergencies, and providing
                 clothes and household items to people with low income.]

     May: Metro Women's Health / Assist Pregnancy Center - $1322 - THANKS!
               [Helping pregnant women keep and care for their babies.]
                [Helping parents, their children, and individuals who suffer the effects of poverty in the
                Fairfax, VA area.]

     July: Water for Africa
               [To help provide a consistent and reliable source of clean water to people in need.]
     August: PALS Program
     [Programming for young adults with Downs Syndrome with a focus on
                    immersive and transformative friendships through week long summer camps.]
As you can see, each month a new charity will be chosen - some local, some national, and some international - that we may reach out in mercy to help people in need wherever they are.

So the last Monday each month, eat at Malek's! Enjoy some good food and help a good cause at the same time. And help us spread the word about this effort. We need your help! The folks at Malek's are being extremely generous in donating so much (25% of sales - not just profits!). And if you know of any good causes you think we should consider, please let us know that as well. Our goal is to donate $2,500 every month - which is quite ambitious! - but we will not rest until we do!

Eat Pizza 2 Help Others

What could be better than that!

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