Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church

Missionaries We Support
Find out more about the missionaries we support.

Currently, we are supporting three missionaries, in very different regions of the world and very different ways of service.

(1.) John Wolf

John and his family are former members of Saint Athanasius and are currently serving in Africa, living in Nairobi, Kenya. John is Project Manager for Africa, serving in support of our Pastors there.

(2.) Rev. Charles St-Onge

Charles and his family live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where Charles serves as Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church, a member congregation of the same SELC Eastern Circuit that Saint Athanasius is a part of and of which Pastor Douthwaite serves a Circuit Visitor. Charles' primary work is as Area Facilitor for the Caribbean region, supporting our missionaries, pastors, and churches in that region.

(3.) Rev. Robert Kieselowsky

Robert is serving in inner city Philadelphia, working to establish the first LCMS congregation in the heart of the city.

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