Saint Athanasius Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod
Church Location: 114 Kingsley Road SW, Vienna, VA  22180
Mailing Address: 3057 Nutley Street Suite 822, Fairfax, VA  22031
703-455-4003                       Rev. James Douthwaite, Pastor
The 2021 Walk-Run-Ride for Life
The Pastor Challenge!

The Walk-Run-Ride for Life is one of Assist Pregnancy Center's biggest fundraisers of the year. Because of ongoing COVID restrictions, this year it will be "virtual" - each participant walking, running, or riding on their own between May 1-9. But funds are needed now more than ever, not only because of COVID, but because Assist is expanding their facilities to be able to help even more mothers and save even more babies!

So, in an effort to help raise more funds for them, Pastor Douthwaite is issuing himself, and you, a challenge. Pastor is going to try to ride a "Metric Century" (100 kilometers) in four hours. That's farther than he's ever ridden at one time before, and four hours means he can't dog it! Your challenge is to try to help him raise $5,000 for the Pregnancy Center (and the whole Lutherans for Life team to raise $7,500) - more than we've ever raised before.

to go to Pastor's fundraising page. From there you can either sponsor him, sponsor another team member, sign-up to participate yourself, or sponsor the Lutherans for Life team as a whole.

And help spread the word! Tell friends, family, co-workers, neighbors - anyone! - what a crazy pastor you have, and ask them to support him in this challenge.

Do you think we can do it?
Will you step up to the challenge?
Together we
can do it!